Cooking - An Exciting Hobby

Any child who enjoys eating and is always on a look-out to experiment with new and creative dishes can be a perfect cooking hobbyist. Learning to cook is one of the easiest ways to get started in this hobby. It is both exciting and educative. Investing fruitful time in this hobby can open career avenues in the hotel industry in the future. It can also encourage to start one's own catering business.

Getting started
Starting with this hobby is quite simple. You do not require any sophisticated tools or advance training for this hobby. All you need is some basic cooking ingredients and tools that you can find in the kitchen and some basic techniques and knowledge to cook. One can acquire the basic knowledge of food preparation from one's parents or elders.

Equipments required
Some of the most important equipments that you need to cook food are mentioned below:
● Knives and spatula
● Cutting Boards
● Sauce Pan
● Cooking Pots
● Wooden Spoons
● Frying Pan
● Liquid Measuring Jug
● Mixing Bowls
● Food Weighing Scale
● Peeler and Grater
● A Pair of Long Tongs
● Whisking Machine
● Grinder/Mixer
● Gas or Induction Stove
● Micro-oven
● OTG Serving Bowls / Tumblers

Different methods of cooking
Some of the most common methods to cook food: bake, barbecue, roast, boil, grill, braise, saute, stew, fry, smoke and steam. Microwaving is the latest innovation. Different dishes and cuisines require different cooking methods.

Important ingredients
Some of the common but important ingredients required for preparing most dishes are:
■ Olive or normal Vegetable oil
■ Salt and pepper
■ Onions
■ Fresh garlic
■ Water
■ Dried spices and seasonings
■ Baking powder, baking soda
■ Flour
■ Soya sauce
■ Sugar

Cooking as a hobby is a very relaxing and encouraging pasttime. It is truly an amazing experience to see and smell dishes / cuisine created by your own hands.

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