Debate as a Hobby

Debate as a hobby is a fruitful activity that helps in developing the opinions and knowledge of the people through informed arguments that are generally backed with effective facts.


Debate as a hobby can do a world of good to the children. As opposed to the popular misconception, debate doesn't teach kids to argue but it encourages them to think out of the box and critically analyze every situation. It instills in them the problem solving attitude and to look for viable solutions to the problem. It also trains them how to be a careful listener and how to research better.

Through debate the students learn the art of public speaking and the ability to convince others through effective use of words. Debate also helps in enhancing children's sense of grammar and vocabulary. Children who regularly partake in debate competitions develop the art to keep calm and utilize this to their advantage under pressing situations.

Tips for effective debating

There are no fixed thumb rules or strategies for winning a debate competition. However, following are certain handy tips that can assist one in making an impact in the minds of their opponents and the jury:

# Research thoroughly about the given motion. The best place to initiate your research is with the Topic guide of the debate which concisely highlights the points for core arguments for and against the motion.
# Always sound confident.
# Stay cool and speak slowly and distinctly.
# Be bold in defending your arguments from the criticisms of the opponents.
# Back your points with facts and statistics. Always cite your sources and references.
# Refrain from being rude at any time and present your views politely.
# Do not shout but speak in a manner that is audible to the audience.
# Above all, have fun and enjoy your debate sessions.

Debate as a hobby can go a long way in preparing the school students for scholarships and job interviews in their future. It is because of all these reasons debate can be regarded as an important activity for the children.

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