Snorkeling as a Hobby

Snorkeling as a hobby is mostly pursued by people who are adventurous and likes to explore nature. Like scuba diving, snorkeling is not performed completely underwater at different depths. Instead, it is mostly performed at depths close to the water surface. In this activity, only the face of the person is immersed inside the water and the person breathes through a snorkel that curl around the face and projects out of the water from behind the head.

Getting started

The great thing about this underwater activity is that you can easily start it with few basic types of equipment which include mask, fins, pair of "Reef Shoes", snorkel and life preserver (lightweight inflatable). The other optional equipments include underwater cameras, rash guards and wet suits (quite mandatory in cold waters).

Safety tips

Snorkeling as a hobby is a thrilling and inspiring activity. However, necessary precautions need to be taken to safely enjoy this hobby. Some of them are mentioned below:

# Always stay close to the shore and refrain from wandering far away in the ocean.

# If possible, go for snorkeling with at least one partner. In case of any mishap s/he can help you out.

# Properly learn the CPR and the first aids.

# Avoid touching the sea creatures, as bites of some aquatic creatures can be quite harmful.


Snorkeling is an ideal form of muscle strengthening and cardiovascular exercise. It works several areas of our body which include hamstrings, calves, quads, shoulders, lungs, hip flexors and so on. The buoyancy of the water tends to heal body stiffness and joint pains. In snorkeling a person can almost burn 250 to 300 calories per hour. The soothing environment and the sound of the underwater help in relaxing the mind.

Snorkeling as a hobby is quite recommendable for children. This hobby offers both capabilities and conditioning in adaptable movements for the kids. Through snorkeling they can enjoy myriads of health benefits while simultaneously exploring the amazing under-water world of corals and aquatic species.

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