Stamp Collecting - different categories of Stamps

Philately, also commonly referred to as stamp collection, is one of the most popular and common hobbies among children. Stamp collectors or philatelists always tend to lookout for new and rare stamps to add to their collections.

However, before pursuing their hobbies, children should first know about the different categories of stamps that are available in the world. Here we discuss only the categories of stamps. There are lots more to know about stamp collecting. This will assist in making stamp collection more unique.

Categories of Stamps
On the basis of type:

Definitive stamps: these stamps are small in size and have plain design. They are mostly issued at the first-class rate or in other denominations to pay for different rates.

Commemorative stamps: these stamps are normally twice the size of the definitive stamps. They are priced at the standard first class rate.

Special stamps: generally these stamps are larger in size and issued at general rates.

On the basis of purpose:

Regular stamps: these stamps are used for regular mails.

Special delivery: these stamps are used for special delivery service such as Parcel Post, Registration, etc.

Postage due stamps: These stamps are issued by the post office for mail bearing inadequate postage.

Airmail Stamps: these stamps are required for airmail. They are generally quite expensive.

On the basis of condition:

Used stamps: These are the ones that have been already used for the delivery of a letter.

Mint: these are unused stamps which are still in the similar condition as issued earlier by the postal service.

Unused stamps: These are unused stamps that have been only attached to an album with a hinge and the gum has been disturbed so that it is no more in a mint condition.

Now that you are enlightened on different types and characteristics of stamps, you can decide for yourself the types of stamps that you want to begin your stamp collecting hobby with.

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