Taekwondo as a Hobby

Taekwondo is a 2000 year old Korean Martial Art that has been designed as a partial blend of Okinawan karate, taekkyeon and several other combat techniques. Taekwondo, today, is not only a combat technique but also a favourite hobby among different people from all walks of life. Taekwondo as a hobby is an effective way to keep oneself active and fighting fit.

History and evolution
This Korean combat technique was developed by several Korean combat masters during the 1940s. It is believed that the name 'Taekwondo' was first coined by Oh Do Kwan's renowned Choi Hong Hi. The International Taekwondo Federation claims that the Taekwondo was developed solely by Choi Hong Hi. Whereas, The World Taekwondo Federation gives the credit to the collaborated council of members from the nine original kwans.

Today, Taekwondo is not viewed only as a combat art but also as a sport. It is regarded as an intermediate sport between controlled breathing, powerful kicks and precision in most things. It was officially included in the Olympics in the year 2000.

Taekwondo as a hobby is a great way to stay agile, fit and strong. It not only teaches the children to physically shield themselves from their attackers, but it also gives them wisdom and understanding to avert dangerous circumstances. This hobby inculcates in children the spirit of sportsmanship, fair competition, cooperation and discipline.

Children who practice Taekwondo show better signs of self-restraint, confidence, concentration and determination. This self-defense technique enables children to face their long hidden deep-rooted phobias and weaknesses and help to conquer them courageously. It also develops their self-awareness, balance and mental acumen.

Taekwondo, both as an art and a sport, offers enrichments to all types of individuals and lifestyles. For the children, Taekwondo as a hobby is an ideal way to channelize their energy in a positive direction.


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