Trekking as a Hobby

Trekking is an adventure hobby that is pursued by most children who love nature. It can be considered as both a hobby and a sport. Taking up trekking as a hobby can offer both mental and health benefits to the children.

Trekking tips
Trekking can be quite an exciting and thrilling experience, provided proper precautions are taken. Following are some essential tips that children should follow while going for a trek:

# Always include an experienced elder in your trekking group.
# Start exercising at least few weeks ahead of the trekking trip. This strengthens the sleeping muscles and builds up your stamina.
# Make sure to carry your food, water and all your gears and equipment before you leave the camp.
# Carry first-aid kit and medicines for some common ailments like dehydration, sun-burn, headaches, common cold, nausea, etc.
# Sucking dry fruits and sweets can provide you sufficient energy.

# Leave your money, passport, travel tickets and other valuables at the camp or at the hotel.
# Use biodegradable toiletries during your trip.
# Maintain safe distance from the ponies, yaks and other animals as they can be quite aggressive sometimes.
# Avoid drinking alcohol in the higher elevations.
# Do not make loud noise or litter here and there during your trip.

# Keep the mountains clean and bring back all your waste from the mountains.
# Refrain from trekking and take rest when you feel sick or suffer from high altitude sickness.
# Always follow your guide and stay close to your group.

Benefits of taking up trekking as a hobby

Trekking acts as a stress buster and can help children in overcoming their depressions. It makes them brave and increases their confidence in themselves. Often it makes them immune to natural factors like heat, cold and wind.

With trekking as hobby children learn the art of self control, determination and stay focussed on their goals. It is for these reasons many schools organize trekking expeditions to develop team spirit and love for nature among the students.

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