Water is an essential part of daily life

Water and life are complimentary and cannot be separated. Life begins with water and ends with water. From morning till bedtime we need water. We use water all the time without even realizing its true worth. From beginning the day with brushing the teeth to hitting the bed after a clean bath at the end of day, water is essential. To cook food we need water. Rice dal vegetables and eggs are boiled in water to make them edible. In the preparation of roti chappati and bread water is required to knead the dough. Water is used to make soup of all kinds. Plants need water for survival just as we do. We clean our house and toilets with water. Cars also need water to keep the engine cool. The farmers need lots of water to harvest crops and vegetables. Factories and industries cannot do without water. Water is essential for the cooling plants. School chemistry and biology labs need H2O, the scientific name of water, for a lot of purposes. Water is the lifeline of all living organisms. We cannot live without water. We drink a lot of water to keep us healthy. When we are dehydrated due to some sickness, or otherwise, water in the form of saline is injected into our veins to bring us back to normal. During games players take break to drink water. It is an indispensable and very important part of daily life.

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