Yoga as a Hobby

Yoga as a hobby is great for spiritual and mental relaxation and for promoting health and fitness. Yoga is not a religion but an ancient form of exercise developed by the ancient sages of India for creating healthy body and mind.

Getting started
No expensive or large set-up is required for beginning yoga. All you need is a comfortable yoga mat for doing your asanas or the exercises.

For children, yoga as a hobby will improve their muscle strength, bone flexibility, posture and concentration. It will also stimulate their metabolism and will burn the excess body fats.

Things to remember
When it comes to doing yoga there are certain essential safety tips that one needs to follow to avoid injury and to get the maximum benefit from this hobby:

# Avoid eating heavy meals two hours before yoga session. Heavy meals can cause indigestion during the inverting, forward bending and twisting movements.
# Refrain from drinking too much water during yoga sessions. If you get tired during the sessions then take a sip only. Hydrate yourself well after your workouts.
# While doing yoga in a group, lay your mats properly so that you can easily extend your arms on both sides without touching the next person.
# Before the yoga session, in order to clear your nostrils and throats gently rinse with salt water. This enables you to smoothly perform the breathing techniques.
# Wear comfortable attires so that your movements are not restricted.
# Always consult your physician before starting yoga. In case your physician advises you to avert exerting pressure on certain areas of your body, then you can practice alternative asanas to be benefited from yoga.

Yoga as a hobby can prove to be an exciting and fruitful hobby for the children. It is because of the several healing benefits of this hobby, it has been incorporated in the education curricula of most schools and colleges worldwide.


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